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Aspire can help businesses grow overseas whether it is to:

  • Launch in a new territory

  • Expand in a particular geography

  • Offer a consistent approach across all territories.

Launching your organization into an overseas territory is a significant challenge.


If considering the APAC region, it will depend largely on the market you are looking to target. If you’re looking to land in North Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea, then Hong Kong is popular as it’s English speaking and business-friendly.

If it’s South East Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, then Singapore which is also business-friendly, is the way forward.

Naturally, if Australia and New Zealand are your focus then you could choose to set up in Sydney or Melbourne.

If your intention is to expand across APAC then geographically Singapore is the most obvious choice.

For all of the options available, Aspire can help you decide between establishing a new entity locally, employing through an out-sourced payroll option, or even acquisitions of existing vendors on the ground.

Culture various from country to country and within countries so working with a recruitment partner that understands the nuances of recruiting in the APAC region is vital.

Established in Singapore in 2011, Aspire APAC is the perfect blend of being well-positioned and well-experienced in building teams and growing businesses. We have a track record of supporting a wide range of organizations in the digital, media & marketing communications, technology, data & creative industries land and expand in APAC.

We also offer...

  • Reference checks

  • Multi-cultural teams, with multiple language consultants including English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa, Tagalog and Malay.

  • Introduction to payroll suppliers, corporate secretarial, tax and accounting

  • Introductions to the best office locations and/or co-working spaces

  • Company incorporation

  • Posting of jobs on platforms such as JobsBank and local language Sites

  • Expat services such as relocation, areas to live, distance to the office, methods of transportation etc.

  • Advice on visas, work permits, and necessary applications.​

United States

Because of our own expansion into the US in 2019, we are able to share our experience of establishing an entity there.

The US is a vast country and each state has its own regulations to consider alongside federal laws.

The US is a highly competitive market and also one of the world's biggest economies, so the opportunities are vast.

Employment law varies from state to state and it is vital to understand the regional culture differences and most importantly what potential employees rank in importance when it comes to moving jobs.

Most people don’t have employment contracts so people tend to move roleS swiftly which can work for and against you. Salaries are higher than the EU and healthcare of significant importance.

If you're thinking of landing or expanding your business internationally, we would love to see how we can help you make it a smooth transition.

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Aspire is fully committed to Diversity and Inclusion and the fair and equal treatment of our employees and candidates.